The 17th March 2017 the award was handed out by Chair of the jury Esko Aho.

The reasoning to the jury is:

The CEO experience 6 years in a large global company with a turnover of € 401 million has made her competent to understand the CEOs challenges and she may be a good coach. She has an international experience that is more and more important in the board rooom.
The criteria of 10 years in managment groups and 10 years experience as a boardmember in larger companies she fullfills from Konecranes, Ilmarinen and Metso Corporation.
She has a technology profession that makes her understand easily manufacturing processes.
Her board experience tells her that the Chair job is a leadership approach where the Chair sets the agenda and improve the shareholders value.
To accomplish this it is of great importance with the right competence present in the boardroom. The Chair must focus on the right things together with the CEO.

A good board:
-Shareholder value creation
-Longer term, strategy
-Understand business ideas, trends, affects
-Strategy from the management
-Competence of the Chair

It is important the way the Chair is working and she thinks these factors are important:
-Set the tone
-Influence people
-Everybody contribute
-Not an expert
-Understand the business
-Risk taking
-Strong personality
-Patience, investment for future growth
-Strategy 5 years, stay on the course
-Mutual trust
-Scan the opportunities, broad enough
-Trends affecting the business
-Reputational risks
-When a crises, transparent immediately
-Governance in place

The jury has the great pleasure to present the winner of Womens Board Award 2017
Nina Kopola as a great candidate to enter a Chair position in the near future.

Contact: Gunnar Eckbo, post(at) +47 92024576